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To live a life of sustainable success that can be replicated and taught, consistency in growing across all areas of life must be pursued. To get great results, we must become people with the capacity to deliver it.


100 days of growth with SDJ is an exclusive personal transformation community created to support and handhold you through the process of becoming a better you.


100 Days of growth with SDJ is for purposeful, focused and goal oriented people who want to intensify and deepen their personal resolve, while reproducing their results exponentially.


It is specially put together for young persons; men and women, who desire high performance coaching through goal clarity while leveraging on group support for accountability.

    100 Days of growth with SDJ offers:   
  • Resource Materials

  • Curriculum based Mastermind

  • Weekly Progress Review session

  • Goals Setting and Action Planning

  • Support group




The fact that I couldn't track my day was always making me worried. Now, I'm learning to plan each day and follow my schedule. It is still a work in progress however I'm proud of my little steps. I've learnt to celebrate little wins and cheer myself on. Thank you SDJ❤️

-Oluwatofunmi Folarin, Fashion Entrepreneur

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