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More About Me

I am a creative, highly expressive and dynamic young woman with a drive to build a consistently better tomorrow. I have a unique ability to think fast on my feet and I am able to dig deep on a wide range of subjects. 


With a high-level attention to details, I ensure the translation of strategic visions into profitable ventures, by leading multiple teams of Strategists, Communication Specialists and Creatives to work on communication strategies, branding programs, public relations, etc.


I believe in ideas and I therefore delight in working on startups and pioneer projects to ensure the idea is well established, capable of delivering on its essence and then going ahead to become highly valuable.

My special desire for capacity building and knowledge sharing drives my flare for African Teen Development and Youth leadership. This has made it possible for me to lead and impact several generations of teenagers and young adults in the last two (2) decades.



I have a dream that one day, in a very near future, all teenagers in Africa will discover themselves and be courageous, intentional and equipped to drive a positive change in the world.

Core Principles

Love and Compassion

As taught by my ABBA. Heartfelt, undiscriminating affection and commitment to another, showing empathy and good judgment.


Dependable Wholeness and Wholesomeness stemming from high level of moral soundness and uncommon wisdom.

Openness and Guidance

Constantly receiving and giving unswerving expressions of truth. Teaching and guiding with acquired knowledge and personal experience.

Social Responsibility  

Selflessness and Sacrifice in pursuance of a greater good for all.

Personal Development 

Taking full responsibility of one’s growth and advancement.

Design Thinking    Content Strategy    Campaign Management 

Teaching    Coaching    Digital Marketing    Brand Storytelling  

Storytelling     Content Creation     People Building     Social Media  

Designs    Creative Initiatives     Strategy    Project Management

Problem Solving     Public Speaking     Writing    Branding 


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